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Are you tired of being tired? Feeling discomfort or pain in your body? Some days feeling depressed or anxious, and wanting to find true happiness?

If you are ready to dive in deep, to explore the mental and emotional constructs that keep your mind and your body stuck in these endless cycles and patterns of pain, self doubt, anxiety, depression, guilt, and shame then I am here to humbly be your guide through this exploration.

Through Hellerwork, mindfulness, presence, somatic inquiry, and radical honesty, we can gently unwind, align, connect, and embody your being into real happiness, joy, and purpose.

Are you ready?  When we open up and heal, the whole world opens and heals too!

There is no separation!

My Story

“In 2008 I began my journey with Hellerwork Structural Integration. I was at a time in my life where I was newly a single mother raising a five year old boy, life was a bit difficult during this transition and I was being called to develop my career, but also felt that it could be difficult to go back to school with a small child and needing to work.”

The 3 Components of Hellerwork

Connective Tissue Bodywork

The deep, connective tissue bodywork releases tension in the fascia to systematically return the body to an aligned position. The practitioner achieves this through a “hands-on” process, by manually stretching the fascia back to its normal position. The client often feels a great release of tension, which produces an uncommon, but normal, state of well being.

Movement Education

The movement education teaches the client to become more aware of their body and movements. During sessions, clients will spend part of the time standing, sitting and walking, and are coached on their movement patterns. Simple but effective, easy-to-remember suggestions and visualizations are used to help the client rebalance their movements for optimal alignment and fluidity.

Verbal Dialog

The verbal dialogue component helps the client become aware of emotions and attitudes and how they affect the body. The focus of the dialogue begins with, but is not limited to, the theme of each session. These themes highlight common attitudes and emotions associated with different parts of the body.

11 Session Series

Each of the eleven Hellerwork sessions has a theme and each one is designed to focus on a specific area of the body to facilitate better alignment, flexibility and balance.

There isn’t one standard reaction to Hellerwork, but typical responses to sessions often include a feeling of increased height due to better alignment, ease of breathing, increased range of motion, a more graceful walk, more energy, increased relaxation, enhanced awareness and openness, and often a connection to buried emotions and intuition.

Hellerwork practitioners are a unique group of extensively trained health educators and professionals who are committed to actualizing the principles of Hellerwork, not only in their sessions, but also in their daily lives.

You should also know…

Deep tissue bodywork combined with movement education and dialogue of the body and mind connection guides you to new options both physically and emotionally. Hellerwork encourages you to make the connection between movement and body alignment. Hellerwork helps to restore your body’s natural balance from the inside out. When your body comes into alignment within the field of gravity, chronic pain and tension dissipate. A comfortable sense of support replaces the stress and strain of carrying your body through life!

What We Offer

Hellerwork is for all ages. I offer the following packages. Each Session is 90 Minutes.

1 Session

This is one session to work on a very specific need. It is also a great way to try out the work.


11 Session Series

This will be 11 sessions of Hellerwork dedicated and detailed to your special circumstance.


Advanced 8, 9, and 10

This is considered a tune up and is beneficial a few months later after a client has had the series. These sessions are designed to go deeper and fine tune the body and alignment.


5 Sessions Advanced Work

This is for Clients who have had the series at least 6 months to a year before and who want to go deeper.


6 Session Combo Hellework and Somatic Transformation

3 sessions of each modality allow you to experience the first 3 sessions of Hellerwork as well as work more deeply with Somatic Transformation.


Hellerwork’s heart-based approach is healing and transformative by nature because people grow more easily when they experience love and support.

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“My hellerwork sessions with Melissa were amazing. She was caring, compassionate and knew instinctively what my body needed. Afterwards I felt whole again – in every way – body, mind and Spirit. Thank you”

-Denise Clair Smith

“Thinking that my left shoulder may be permanently frozen or at best after lengthy physio treatment some degree of mobility could be achieved a friend referred me to Melissa Brown.  She claimed an acquaintance of hers had received treatment for this impairment by Melissa with complete recovery. Melissa was determined and committed with her incredible knowledge and true human passion to work with me in obtaining full range of motion again. I would recommend her expertise, skill, and commitment to anyone seeking relief with muscle tension, especially in my case, with a frozen shoulder.

Thank you Melissa.”

-Glenda Ashton-Ward

“I’ve been seeing Melissa for several years. I’ve found hellerwork massage to be the most effective type of massage for my body and Melissa is the most effective practitioner I’ve worked with.  She has released some very deep knots of tension and has a supportive, nurturing approach with great hands to get into tight muscles.”

-Courtland Benson

“Melissa is a thoughtful, intuitive and skilled therapist. I really appreciate her ability to apply significant strength when needed. And, despite requiring some very deep massage at times, I never feel battered or bruised!”

-Richard Bader

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